CMS CAH New Swing Bed Requirements and Changes

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Instructor : Sue Dill Calloway
Sep 17, 2019 All Day Available | 90 Minutes

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Every hospital should be prepared in case a surveyor shows up at your door tomorrow. This webinar will focus on the protocol changes and the swing bed changes that were promulgated by CMS on October 12, 2018. In fact, CMS completely rewrote all of the swing bed regulations.  The swing bed interpretive guidelines and survey procedures are now under Appendix PP.  Many CAHs are not aware of these changes.

Hospitals have seen a significant increase in survey activity by CMS along with an increase number of deficiencies. Common deficiencies and how to avoid them will be discussed. Information on how to locate the CAH manual and other resources will be discussed.

Session Objectives:

  • Discuss that CMS made some recent changes to the protocol process
  • Recall that CMS has rewritten the entire section on swing beds
  • Describe what is required by CMS to be in the resident assessment which is done to do the care plan
  • Recall the CMS requirements on patient activities of swing bed patients

Session Agenda:

  • Changes to the CAH Manual and Introduction to CAH CoPs
    • How to Locate the CAH Manual
    • Introduction
    • CMS Surveyor training material for CAHs
    • Important CMS Memos for CAHs
    • Notice of survey
    • Revised survey protocol
    • Review of telemedicine contract
  • Special Requirements for CAH Providers of Long-Term Care Services (Swing beds)
    •  Swing bed regulations rewritten October 12, 2018
    • Interpretive guidelines and survey procedure under Appendix PP
    • Eligibility
    • Payment
    • Healthcare literacy
    • SNF Services
    • Resident Rights
    • Exercise of Rights
    • Notice of Rights and Services
    • Free Choice
    • Privacy and Confidentiality
    • Work
    • Mail
    • Access and Visitation Rights
    • Personal Property
    • Married Couples
    • Admission, Transfer and Discharge Rights
    • Transfer and Discharge
    • Payment of care
    • Content of notice
    • Resident Behavior and Facility Practices
    • Restraints, Abuse 
    • Staff Treatment of Residents
    • Hiring of employees
    • Patient Activities 
    • Social Services
    • Dental requirements changes
    • Resident Assessment
    • Comprehensive Care Plans
    • PASARR or RAI
    • Discharge Summary
    • Nutrition
    • Provision of Services
    • Websites for CAH
    • CAH resources

Who Should Attend? 

Basically anyone who is responsible for taking care of swing bed patients in a CAH or for implementing the CMS swing bed requirements. This includes the following:

  • CEOs, COOs and CFOs
  • Nurses, Nurse Executives, Nurse Managers, Nursing supervisors
  • Accreditation and Regulation Director
  • Pharmacists
  • Quality and Risk Managers
  • Healthcare Attorneys
  • Health information management personnel
  • Patient safety officer, Director of Rehab (OT, PT, speech pathology, and audiology), Infection Preventionist
  • compliance officers
Speaker Profile:

Sue Dill Calloway, RN, MSN, JD, is the president of Patient Safety and Healthcare Consulting and Education company with a focus on medical-legal education especially Joint Commission and the CMS hospital CoPs regulatory compliance. She also lectures on legal, risk management and patient safety issues. She was a director for risk management and patient safety for five years for the Doctors Company. She was the past VP of legal services at a community hospital in addition to being the privacy officer and the compliance officer. She was a medical malpractice defense attorney for ten years. She has 3 nursing degrees in addition to a law degree.

She is a well-known lecturer and the first one in the country to be a certified professional in CMS. She also teaches the course for the CMS certification program. She has written 102 books and thousands of articles.

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