About Us

Healthestudyz is a virtual summit platform which provides high-quality, informative conferences and transcripts to professionals and which helps them in building and enhancing their skills. At Healthestudyz, we passionately strive to provide you the most practical, relevant exercises, which are confirmed through in-depth research and subject matter information in both business as well as technical sides.

“Our mission is to offer best preparation programs at best price from the industry's leading global experts.”

Our moderator panels consists of subject matter experts, imparts learning on a number of areas relating various business domains. Our panel experts share a wealth of knowledge covering best practices in industry. These training's help participants refresh their knowledge about regulatory compliance.

You can listen to speakers live, or opt for audio conference replays. If you wish to listen to conferences at your convenience, opt for DVD's too. You can also obtain conference transcripts if so required.

Our webinars are simple and focused on your particular area of interest;

  1. Affordability : Educate your whole team for less than the cost of travel for one person.
  2. Convenience : Learn from the comfort of your home or office – no travel required.
  3. Insights You Won’t Find Anywhere Else : We work with the most knowledgeable professionals and experts in the industry to bring you the most relevant and timely information available.
  4. Simplicity : Don’t waste time trying to decipher the latest regulations, compliance. Just tune in to the latest webinar for plain-English interpretations of the latest regulations.
  5. Business Strategies that Make Sense : Innovation and risk management are essential in the each industry and we are here to keep you at the top of your game with strategies to help you advance your efforts in every aspect.
  6. Not Just Information : We not only inform you about the latest rules, regulations, updates, market intelligence & trends but provide you with the know-how, techniques and strategies to make the best of this information—something that is hard to find elsewhere.

We also conduct specific customized conferences for corporate depending on specific requirements.